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ROI of communications and training


Are you challenged to prove the value of your communications systems or to predict the return on investment for a proposed training project?  Symon, a leading vendor of employee communication systems, engaged Gayeski Analytics to develop a white paper that depicts a value chain and demonstrates the return on investment of their products. Our unique (e)valuation methodology demonstrates how communications and learning infrastructures add to an organizationís value and stockholder value.

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Higher ed program & marketing reviews and workshops


Dr. Gayeski has led and served on program reviews for new and existing academic programming, recommended new strategies for marketing, and led workshops on new educational technologies and assessment methods for universities in the US and abroad



Internal communication audits


For the Sacramento County Department of Public Works, the cost of an ineffective internal communications system was a staggering $20,000 per employee, or about one day per week of time wasted looking for information or using data that was incorrect and out of date.  We conducted interviews and on-site communication setting analyses and developed strategies to reduce the inefficiencies of their information and collaboration tools, allowing the agency to make much more efficient use of taxpayer dollars, and responding more effectively to community needs. 

Other clients for whom we've done communication audits include Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Ithaca City School District, Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences, and North Suburban Library System.

Assessing & launching new media


Abbott Diagnostics engaged our team to assess their current sales training programs, create several prototypes, recommend an authoring and student tracking standard, and teach their staff to produce e-learning in-house. 


Over the past 25 years, we've done similar projects for clients such as Consolidated Diesel, Marine Midland Bank, Risk Management Association, Reliance Electric, Lederle Labs, Walgreens, and Telemechanique

Corporate communications strategies / restructuring



Internal communication departments often wonder what functions they should support in-house and what should be outsourced.  Corning, Inc. engaged us to help them propose a new structure and roles for their multimedia services department. Through benchmarking, research, and analysis of their job descriptions and budgets, we developed recommendations that would result in an estimated $310,000 in savings within just 18 months. 

We've also worked with many other clients such as Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Guthrie Healthcare, Ernst and Young, US Maintenance, and Ontario Gaming and Lottery Corporation, to assess and develop new communication strategies and functions.


Strategic planning for training and talent management


Is your employee and customer training as efficient, effective, and nimble as you'd like?  GAL was engaged by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to assess and improve their current methods for providing training to information partners across the country.

Among our other clients for whom we've developed human capital and corporate university strategies are ISVOR Fiat, General Electric, Bank of Montreal, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Western New York.    We've also conducted briefings on attracting and managing "Millennials"  (young workers) for M Lee Smith Publishers, TAP Pharmaceuticals, and the Internal Revenue Service



Business performance analysis/ improvement



Like many other manufacturers, one of Borg Warner's plants introduced an innovative new production process.  They needed to quickly spread the expertise of a few engineers throughout their line personnel across all their shifts in order to increase output and to reduce defects.  We completed a behavior-setting analysis of the production process, reviewed their communication and learning practices, and recommended several new interventions including new formats for shift meetings and employee feedback, and the creation of multimedia for manufacturing training. 

A similar project for the Raymond Corporation was so innovative that it got written up in the Wall Street Journal.


For clients Consolidated Diesel, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, and Johnson Controls we designed knowledge management systems, business improvement strategies, and re-designed training and documentation.



Integrated marketing communications



Espar, the North American distributor of German vehicle heaters needed to improve its sales. We became a one-stop-shop agency that handled all their advertising design and placement, as well as their PR and sales training.  We were able to reduce their communication budget while also increasing visibility among key decision-makers by restructuring their publicity strategies.  Instead of lengthy training for their distributors on pay-back calculations, we came up with an electronic performance support system (EPSS) that customers and sales reps can use to instantly calculate the return on investment of an Espar heater.

We've also helped other organizations such as the North Suburban Library System and Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations to develop more effective branding and marketing communication strategies.





Instructional design strategies and standards


We're master designers and we readily share our secrets.  When the US Navy Fleet and Family Readiness training center wanted to develop a more cohesive approach to training that incorporated new training approaches and media, they called on us to develop a set of instructional design standards for their training team. 
We've developed similar instructional design playbooks for Bank of Montreal, Ball State University, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Western New York, Telcordia ISVOR Fiat.