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Diane Gayeski, previously consulting under the name OmniCom Associates, is happy to introduce her new company, Gayeski Analytics.

We'll continue to provide the same services that have earned us an international reputation since 1979:

We use our proprietary set of processes and tools, performance analytics, to assess and improve our clients'  "intangible assets":  goodwill, corporate identity and reputation, intellectual capital, and capacity for change.  This allows our clients to more effectively communicate the value of their communications, training, and HR systems to executives and financial professionals and is especially useful in preparing for IPO's,  mergers/acqusitions, and investor communications.

Our unique Integrated Communication Model provides a contemporary approach and concrete tools for our clients to design and manage new infrastructures and interventions that improve performance.  We analyze what may be presented as "communication problems" or "training problems" and develop holistic and practical ways to structure policies, staffing, environmental design, communication & training practices, assessment & feedback systems, media, and program designs to address specific performance gaps and business opportunities.

performance improvement model------------------------------------ integrated communication model

Our projects -- whether brief or intensive -- help our clients develop their own resources to design and manage policies and technologies that support effective communication with employees, customers, and business partners. Our clients say that they value our objective, unconventional and practical approaches.  Each project is uniquely designed and executed ... we don't sell any particular technology, tool, or curriculum.

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Publications and tools

Diane Gayeski's new book,Managing the Communication Function: Capturing Mindshare for Organizational Performance, is now available from IABC.

Order Diane Gayeski's book, Designing and Managing Computer Mediated Learning: An Interactive Toolkit. This 254 page book is full of examples, job aids, and advice on CBT, Intranets, and electronic performance and presentation support tools. 

Also get our our books, articles, reports & research papers such as Dr. Gayeski's IABC award winning paper on integrated communications, advice on how to become a "learning organization", ISPI Master's series presentation on re-wiring communication and learning systems, and information on how to use the Internet and Intranets as performance improvement tools. Perform your own organizational communication system analysis with our  quick online Communication Audit.

About us Diane M. Gayeski, Ph.D.  leads a carefully chosen team of associates who  specialize in designing and helping organizations to adopt integrated, performance-based, and  innovative strategies for communication and learning.  She is the author of more than 100 articles and eleven books, some of which are the principal texts used in undergraduate, graduate and corporate education in corporate communication, human resources, and instructional systems design.  Dr. Gayeski maintains an appointment as Professor of Organizational Communication, Learning, and Design at Ithaca College, and is an active contributor and editor for major professional societies. 

If you'd like more information about Diane Gayeski's background and accomplishments, and a listing of her articles and presentations,  her vita is available here online. 

Since 1979, we have completed more than 300 projects for clients who are interested in improving organizational performance through:

  • training and development programs; learning and coaching systems
  • workforce communication and collaboration, management communication
  • knowledge management and performance support tools
  • external communication (advertising, public relations, community relations, promotional campaigns, recruiting systems)
  • communication and learning technologies (interactive multimedia, Internet / Intranet systems, distance learning, web-based training and conferencing)
  • communication audits, performance and needs analysis, testing and assessment.

Why Clients Choose Us Decision makers come to us for candid, experienced and database  advice when they want to improve their organization's performance by taking a fresh look at the way they communicate with and train their employees & customers, and how their performance systems are designed and managed.

We offer advice and practical solutions to clients who are examining such initiatives as:

  • the learning organization
  • e-commerce and e-learning
  • distance learning
  • human performance technology
  • web-based training
  • integrated communication
  • knowledge management
  • strategic planning
  • corporate culture
  • the virtual organization
  • change management
  • globalization of communication, marketing , and training
We are known for providing experienced yet objective views on new technologies and designs for organizational learning and communication.  Unlike many other consultants, we are not affiliated with any hardware or software company, we do not sell off-the-shelf products, nor are we a production house that will try to talk you into any particular medium.  Therefore, we offer research based and unconventional advice.
Among our Clients:

Providian Financial Corporation, Maines Paper and Food Company, Sacramento County Department of Public Works, General Electric, US Department of Labor, Ernst and Young LLP, North Suburban Library System, Connectiv Power Delivery, Johnson Controls, First Chicago NBD Bank, McNeil Consumer Products, USF&G Insurance, College Center of the Finger Lakes, Kendal Corporation, Bandag, ISVOR Fiat, Miami Children's Hospital, Bellcore, Abbott Diagnostics, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc., Oracle Corporation, Ben & Jerry's Homemade, US Department of Defense Dependent Schools, Pepsi Cola, Inc., Raymond Corporation, Target Vision, Troy State University, Xerox, Guthrie Healthcare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Western NY, Frontier Media Group, Dominion Food Stores, Eastern AI, University of Helsinki, Espar Products, New York State Training Council, Reliance Electric, NY State Electric & Gas, Eastman Kodak, Corning Inc., Illinois Farm Bureau, American Cyanamid, Robert Morris Associates, Marist College, Commerce Clearinghouse, Genigraphics, Health Management Corporation, Charles Schwab, Cornell University, NY Stock Exchange, Rabo Bank, Ministry of Education of Turkey, Niagara Mohawk, Carrier Corporation, NCR, Consolidated Diesel, Westinghouse Hanford, Tektronix, Bank of Montreal, Amway, ALLTEL, AT&T, Panasonic, Wang Labs, Eastern Kentucky University, Sikorsky Aircraft, Telemechanique, New School for Social Research, Prentice-Hall, &  more. 


A sampling of our projects and their results:
  • Internal Communication Audit  A government agency engaged us to conduct an assessment of their employee communication system.  We conducted interviews and on-site communication setting analyses and developed strategies to reduce the inefficiencies of their information and collaboration tools and practices that were costing the agency an average of $20,000 per employee in wasted time and effort.

  • Corporate Multimedia Staffing and Structure  An international manufacturer of high-tech products engaged us to help them propose a new structure and roles for their multimedia services department. Through benchmarking, research, and analysis of their job descriptions and budgets, we developed  recommendations that will result in an estimated  $310,000 in savings within just 18 months.  As a part of a company-wide re-organization effort, they were the only group to have 100% of their recommendations approved. 

  • Web-based Learning and Performance Improvement  An international franchiser of industrial products came to us looking to re-purpose a one-week training course on financial analysis into Web-based training. They had anticipated a 9-month development time and a six-figure budget.  Instead, we designed a quick and collaborative intranet site called FAST (Financial Analysis System Tools) that could achieve more rapid performance within a one-month time frame, and for less than one third their projected cost.

  • Communication and Training Assessment and Strategic Planning  A national restaurant chain engaged us to advise their "FutureCom" strategic planning committee; we assessed their communication and training materials and strategies, observed managers and customers, recommended new media and staffing plans for corporate communications, provided briefings to executive management, and developed new approaches to reducing "information overload" and promoting consistency in service for the over 350-location chain. 

  • External Communication and Branding  We assessed the methods and media used by a library consortium to communicate with their over-600 member libraries, conducted a usability study of their website, and developed new strategies for sharpening their image and "brand" to improve organizational performance.
  • Reducing Training While Improving Performance  A manufacturer of material handling equipment wanted to improve the performance of their dealership repair technicians. Rather than suggesting conventional and costly approaches of more training and documentation, we analyzed the performance system and recommended new ways to capture information from the field and distribute it via new online systems as well as new methods of feedback within dealerships. We then facilitated their development of a new staff function to manage collaboration and information within a comprehensive performance improvement model.  This allowed them to improve dealer performance while reducing costs and time involved in conventional training approaches.
  • New Media Feasibility Study  The president of an international consulting company was being encouraged to fund the development of CD-ROM training as a new product. After assessing their business and clients, we developed an alternative, more innovative strategy that would more effectively  expand their range of services and increase their competitive advantage:  We recommended that they develop customizable multimedia communication and learning tools for their clients; based on this recommendation they have purchased a media production company and have greatly expanded their staff and services.  We also developed a comprehensive approach for using their Web site and other Internet strategies to expand their visibility and to offer new services to their existing customers. 
  • Sales and Marketing System     The  North American distribution company for a German vehicle component manufacturer needed more effective ways to provide sales support and instruction to its dealer network and customers.  We provided the design and management of an integrated marketing and training system, including dealer newsletters, computer-based sales lead tracking systems, brochure and trade show design, a computer-assisted product specification tool, and training guides and videotapes.  This reduced costs and duplication of effort among marketing and training efforts, increased their ability to develop respond quickly to good sales leads, improved technician performance, and strengthened their image in the OEM arena.
  • Professional Development for Trainers   A leading chip manufacturer engaged us to help their trainers develop more rapid and performance-based solutions using new technologies.  Dr. Gayeski conducted three separate two-day workshops in which their entire training staff was taught to design and produce rapid and collaborative Intranet-based training.  In these workshops, over 25 actual multimedia programs were actually developed and ready for deployment, reducing overall training development time by over 500%.
Background  OmniCom Associates was founded in 1979 to assist organizations to develop and adopt new information technologies such as corporate video and interactive multimedia, and as an institute for research and development in systems for learning and corporate communication. In 2001, Diane Gayeski continued her professional practice under its new name, Gayeski Analytics. 
A leader in research & practice Dr. Gayeski is an acknowledged  leader in both the research and practice of organizational communication and training. She has led  nearly three hundred major projects by organizations of all types and sizes in more than thirty countries.

Her work and ideas have been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Corporate University Review, Training Magazine, Computerworld, Business Week, Technology for Learning Newsletter, Newsweek, and many other publications. 


Acclaimed speaker and mentor Over the past twenty years, Dr. Gayeski has offered more than 200 keynote addresses, workshops and presentations for professional associations such as the American Management Association, the International Society for Performance Improvement, the American Society for Training and Development, and the International Association of Business Communicators, and for corporations and universities worldwide.


Award-winning expertise Our work has received international awards from such organizations as the International Society for Performance Improvement, the Consortium of College & University Media Centers, the Association for Educational Communications & Technology, and the International Association for Business Communicators. 
We offer executive briefings, private consultation and workshops at our facility in the heart of New York State's Finger Lakes region.

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