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Recent articles, blogs and webinars by or featuring Dr. Gayeski

Conference Board Annual Corporate Communications Conference “My Students Today are Your Employees Tomorrow: Are You Ready?”  December 10, 2020.

Circle of Fellows #63: Emerging Communication Technologies  Youtube recording of webinar November 19. 2020

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TrainingPro Preparing for the Future Workforce Summary and link to February 2020 webinar presented by Dr. Gayeski

Innovation in the media industry: Who's prepared to lead the changes we need to survive?

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Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders Interview with Diane Gayeski

Mooks are So Yesterday article in Training Magazine

Michael F. Shaughnessy, Susan M. Fulgham and Diane Gayeski

Educational Technology  Vol. 49, No. 2 (March-April 2009)

Wylie Communications blog Demonstrate the value of your communications: Diane Gayeski, Ph.D., offers a model for making the link

GovLoop Less Is More: Dr. Diane Gayeski and Information Overload


Books by Dr. Gayeski



Managing the communication function


The International Association of Business Communicators commissioned the third edition of this book containing research, case studies, and a toolkit of forms and templates. This is now available exclusively to IABC members.



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Learning Unplugged


Wireless technologies are changing the nature of organizational training, performance management, and collaboration. Smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, and user-generated social media content are now indispensable business tools. Featuring case studies and interviews, Learning Unplugged shows how to implement these technologies and demonstrates how off the shelf applications can be adapted for use in different environments and situations.


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Managing learning and communication systems as business assets


If you think that demonstrating $10,000 ROI on a project is going to earn you that coveted seat at the C suite table, think again. This readable book will equip you to express the value of training, employee communication, public affairs, and advertising based on its contribution to the overall stock price or value of your organization- often in the millions of dollars. It is filled with advice based on research and case studies across many types of organizations including many projects led by Dr. Gayeski and her team. Efficient tools and examples help you measure, manage, and maximize the intangible and often unrecognized organizational assets of communication and knowledge infrastructures . Its unique perspective on performance shows not only how human behavior in the workplace can be engineered to achieve corporate success, but how to communicate those methods and processes, and the value they add, to employers and clients.